Yes! Fellowship Bible Church is bringing you online video of their worship service. Try one here. And (I grew up some of my younger years south of where I live now so, yes — I was raised saying it aloud) can I get an “Amen!”


Eee PC — small, simple, inexpensive, versatile. Ever wonder when we’ll reach that point in time when virtually everyone will finally have a laptop. We may be one day closer to that day. ASUSTeK, today, announced it all-new Eee PC:

Easy to Learn, Easy to Work, Easy to Play

Taipei, Taiwan, June 5, 2007 – Majority of activities conducted on the laptops today are Internet related. Whether it´s checking emails, reading news, communicating with others or simply utilizing online share spaces, Internet usage has become a big part of the daily computing operations – for both work and fun. To accommodate the increasing total Internet computing demands as well as growing number of users, both young and old, ASUS launches the revolutionary Eee PC to provide users with a new mobile Internet experience like never before.

This is a new line of PCs that focuses on providing users with the most comprehensive Internet application based on three Es: Easy to learn, work, play; Excellent Internet experience and Excellent mobile computing experience, and hence the product name of Eee PC.

Easy to Learn, Work and Play
Learn the latest technology without a technical manual! For easy hands-on, the Eee PC offers two modes of intuitive user interface design: the easy mode and the full desktop mode in order to accommodate both experienced and inexperienced PC users. The Eee PC is also Windows XP compatible.

Excellent Internet Experience
Built-in WLAN connectivity allows users to stay connected for dynamic Internet usage on the go. With the Eee PC empowers users to share photos without waiting till one gets home; connect face to face with just a few clicks; enjoy online entertainment live; stay on top of emails for high work efficiency and more!

Excellent Mobile Computing Experience
The 7” Eee PC 701 weighs at a featherlight 0.89 kg, with large flash-based storage capacity and built-in webcam for compact mobility with wireless freedom. The special solid-state disc design based on built-in flash-memory gives the Eee PC a great shock-proof advantage over traditional notebook PCs allowing extra flexibility and a worry free mobile computing experience.

EeePC 701 Specification
CPU & Chipset: Intel mobile CPU & chipset
OS: Linux/ Microsoft Windows XP compatible
Communication: 10/100 Mbps Ethernet; 56K modem
WLAN: WiFi 802.11b/g
Graphic: Intel UMA
Memory: 512MB, DDR2-400
Storage: 4/ 8/ 16GB Flash
Webcam: 300K pixel video camera
Audio: Hi-Definition Audio CODEC; Built-in stereo speaker; Built-in microphone
Battery Life: 3hrs (4 cells: 5200mAh, 2S2P)
Dimension & Weight: 22.5 x 16.5 x 2.1~3.5cm, 0.89kg

Watch their event video here.

I have to tell you, if I were a 5-yr-old, I would love to be sitting in children’s church and get a call on the big screen
board from a digital puppet.

Koala BearWatch this demonstration video, and just imagine this application in your children’s ministry! This is logitech equipment ($130 and less), using included software and downloads from their site. Drop us a line if you have already seen this in action, or used it yourself.

Check into what Russ is doing at Living Stones. The “free software” is just that, and he has made available website user management software and Bible software. See how the Bible software works at Oak Hills and just imagine its reach.

Nice work, Russ, and more important — as his site says, “All Glory to God.”

Here’s how cool — check out this excerpt from the FAQ, then visit and see for yourself:

I am new to the internet campus and I don’t really understand how it works.

First of all, welcome! We are glad you’re here. Worship on the Internet is a new way of doing church, so we’ll try and make it a great experience for you.

We currently have three worship experiences online; 9:30 am, 11:15 am and 2:00 pm EST each Sunday. Join the experience by going to the internet campus home page. When the service starts, it will automatically show on the page. Please note that the experience runs through Flash player. You can get the latest version here.

Additional features:
Live Chat: to fellowship with others before, after and during services, simply click the “Join Live Chat” button on the menu to the left of the video.
Message Notes: Follow along with the message notes below the video and fill in the blanks online. When finished, you can have them sent straight to your e-mail.
Connect Card: In order for us to get to know you better, fill out our online connect card, also located on the menu to the left of the video!

Okay … confession time: I was inspired (to not be the digger servant) by a sermon today which revolved around guess-which-parable from the Gospel of Matthew (see About page), I had lunch, and started “Five Talents” without hesitation. As I get more laptop time tonight, I’m wondering, “has this been done already?”

Let me down easy, but let me know — am I blogging what’s already out there? (And if what Five Talents intends to cover is merely a category on a blog, so be it … we’ll go deeper.)

mp3 sermons

June 3, 2007

Here’s a great example of the type of thing I am hopeful this site will share. Lawrence Free Methodist Church not only makes weekly sermons available on its website by outline, but one can also download mp3 sermons. Yes, if you missed a service or if you would like to review a favorite message or pass it along, simply click to download the sermon in an mp3 file. Of course, then you can save it, burn it, convert it, load it onto a portable device, or email it.

This could certainly work by podcasting also. Does anyone have experience with this or are you currently podcasting sermons?

How does your ministry use the internet or other technology to efficiently reach a lot of people for Christ? Most folks (Christians included) use pc’s, laptops and cell phones. Are you leveraging technology, or is your ministry one that is not making full use of the internet and its advantages. Maybe you simulcast events, maybe you make sermons/music available online in a unique way, or perhaps a virtual visitor comes to your son/daughter’s Sunday school … whatever the tip — be it large or small, maybe you could share it. Let us know not only what you do, but write at least a synopsis of how you do so. Thanks!