mp3 sermons

June 3, 2007

Here’s a great example of the type of thing I am hopeful this site will share. Lawrence Free Methodist Church not only makes weekly sermons available on its website by outline, but one can also download mp3 sermons. Yes, if you missed a service or if you would like to review a favorite message or pass it along, simply click to download the sermon in an mp3 file. Of course, then you can save it, burn it, convert it, load it onto a portable device, or email it.

This could certainly work by podcasting also. Does anyone have experience with this or are you currently podcasting sermons?


One Response to “mp3 sermons”

  1. Russ Says:

    Hi One Servant and welcome to the blogosphere.

    In an earlier post, you linked to my blog, which is really an updates page for Living Stones Ministry. Living Stones is my attempt to not be a digger. I’m developing software that can be used by lots of churches to make their websites richer and to help build the church up.

    I have previously published free software to make it easy for churches to publish their sermons as text, audio, video, whatever, on their own website. I’ve been redesigning the way I make the software available because the old way was too complex, but the next software I post will be the sermons software (I would guess within a month).

    A church that’s already using the software is Oak Hills Presbyterian ( They have audio and text up on their site and my software will also automatically create a podcast from any mp3 files.



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