YouVersion: online Bible that enables community and collaboration

March 24, 2008

Link: YouVersion

Read the Bible.  Choose a translation (even three choices in Spanish).  Comment.  Share.  Invite a friend.  Join a group.  Love this tool!

From YouVersion’s welcome:

Organize – YouVersion empowers you to organize the content that’s important to you!

Share – Simply share meaningful content with anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Community – YouVersion makes it easy to connect and collaborate with others.

Contribute – With YouVersion you have the power to share your content with your closest friends, family, or anyone online!


2 Responses to “YouVersion: online Bible that enables community and collaboration”

  1. tPhil H Says:

    Thanks for stopping by the blog.

    So, how was Easter Sunday for you?

  2. one servant Says:

    God slowed my heart and I worshiped. Two things come to mind: Sunday I could not stop thinking about how I am one of the people on the street shouting “Hosannah” on His way into town then sneering “Crucify Him; Give us Barabbas” only a few days later…still he died and rose for me; Monday I wanted to keep the celebration of Easter so I checked on a few favorites and found “Holding Worship” (posted by Carlos on 3/23) at RagamuffinSoul–words aren’t enough but there is enough blessing in that story to last me a long while.

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