I met God

April 24, 2008

And I mean literally.  When I walked out this morning He was right in front of me.

I didn’t hear for a second, but then it was clear … he was reminding me:  look what I can do.

Have you seen God today?


Church Admin Series

April 9, 2008

Link: Woolsey Life.

John Woolsey, an associate pastor at Impact Church in Murrieta, CA, is working on a series to highlight the tools (software/web-service) they use at Impact. In his words,

“… since lately I have been contacted by several pastors and administrators asking my opinion on things church admin I would put it all down here in a blog post mini series. So here is the outline, I will get started on it imediately but this is what you can look forward to reading, or just clicking ‘mark as read’ if this isn’t your thing.

1. Church Management Software
2. Church Calendars
3. Team Communication
4. Event Management
5. Assimilation Management
6. Ministries”

How He Loves Us

April 8, 2008

We can find something in the constitution of another which helps us aspire… to take one better step in our walk with Christ, whether “another” be across the street, or right down the internet.  How often are you — am I — brave enough to earnestly pray, “Not my will, but Thine.”

Link:  AJ’s dot com.

Check out AJ’s blog.  The following small glimpse was enough to draw in this Christ-follower:

While learning about biblical Hebrew, systematic theology, and what the heck the Baptist General Convention is, God hijacked my dream to pastor a young, hip, collegiate church (it was the cool thing to dream that year) and replaced it with the puzzling, nagging desire to start a new church plant that would take the gospel into a part of Kansas City where people weren’t hearing it. I started considering the Bible pattern of putting God’s truth out there in culturally targeted ways that didn’t dull the gospel’s ability to make your jaw drop. I started thinking about what a new church could look like and started talking to people about starting one.

So I have to imagine how this may have happened:

God comes to AJ, “Son, I know you’ve always wanted to lead a college church, and I want you to be happy.  However, I would really like you to go to Kansas City for something more challenging.  Would you do that?  For Me?”

AJV:  “Lord (and AJ means it when he uses this name for the sovereign — the One who knew him in the womb), You got it.  I’m Your man.  We’ll go.”

That we should all be obedient.  Who’s dream are you living?