From “A Soul Searching”

May 18, 2008

Link: We Need a New Language :  a fellow blogger posted something a few days back, and I hope I’m not out of line by quoting it in full.  Please see “A Soul Searching” for this:

We need a new language to describe God
How can a creature know what it means to be God?
How can a fish describe what it is like to be a horse?
God is beyond naming
I am who am – Yahweh – I don’t have a name – I don’t need one
God is more than a being
“God is love” may be the least inaccurate way of describing God

What does this mean? Perhaps
It means that God is more verb than noun
More a spirit than a being
God is a decision

God is a decision to bring unconditional love to every situation
We do God by bringing love to our relationships
God is a decision to embrace the good in others despite their shortcomings
We seek to do God’s will – the next loving thing
God works through people
To know God, love yourself and give yourself away

If you love yourself and your neighbor, you love God
Jesus is the great example of how to love, how to live
Whoever believes in love, believes in God
God is alive within you when you live to love

“No one could tell me where my Soul might be.
I searched for God, but God eluded me.
I sought my Brother out, and found all three.”
— Ernest Howard Crosby


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