Cross Eyed Life

August 5, 2008

He writes stuff like this (excerpted from ‘Is this God’s Will or Indigestion’) —

… problem is that there really are no easy decisions, period. By the way, if you end a sentence with the word ‘period’ follow by the punctuation mark also named as such, is that officially redundant? OK, there may be a few easy decisions out there, but they are never about major things. Where are we going to eat tonight? Does this dress make me look fat? What’s on TV? These are all questions that we either already have the answers to, or really don’t need the answers to. But, the major decisions of life; the big ones that come along about jobs, love, life, kids, money and all that other high stress stuff, those decisions are never big fat slow softball pitches over the middle. Those decisions are always tough ones. Why couldn’t the choices be more like these: I could stay at this job that I hate, or move to my dream position for three times the cash and the beach house…hmmm I could stay single and searching, or I could marry this drop dead gorgeous supermodel with the morals of Mother Theresa who keeps throwing herself at me… hmmm I could continue to wander spiritually wondering what to do with my life, or I could open up this glowing letter with the return address marked Heaven that has been floating in my living room for the last month… hmmm

Still reading?  (What’s it take to get you to check it out?)

  • I notice he signs “Seeking more of Him and less of me,”
  • He pastors a church with a very cool additional site — Venue 302
  • And I’m not completely certain, but I think I remember him wearing a mullet in the 80’s.

Link:  Tweet the Gospel.  Brian Baute’s brainchild:  tweet the Gospel. That’s right, per the limitations of Twitter, how would you describe the gospel in exactly 140 characters?

Mark Mofield: Was happy with taking the bad with the good. Jesus showed me the good could be great and the bad could be gone forever.

Paul: Christianity is not about what you do, but what God has already done.

David Wilcox: God’s perfect. We’re not. God punished Jesus, the perfect Man, in our place, on the cross. Believe this, turn from sin, and live forever.

Scott Ammons: God made man. Man made mistakes. God still had a plan to fix us all, revealed over time. His son Jesus died for all, even you and me. Sweet.

David Rudd: Aligning with Jesus means giving up my life for his, and accepting his death for mine. God’s pleasure with Jesus is transferred to me.

Jeremy: Being saved is not about what happens when we die, but what begins when we realize God always loves us and wants us to transform the world.

Atom: Wages of sin, death. Gift of God, Jesus. Say Jesus I give you my life, Forgive Me! I’m Saved. I’m Going To Heaven I have Jesus in my heart.

Glory Beam: “Loving God, loving each other” because He first loved us, & gave His only Son to die for us. Go & walk like the child of God that you are!

Gus Kroustalis: Since we didn’t listen when God told us how to live, He sent His only Son to show us. Jesus lived for us to see, then died so we could live.

See for more (including Brian’s entry).  Add your own below in the comments.

Yes! Fellowship Bible Church is bringing you online video of their worship service. Try one here. And (I grew up some of my younger years south of where I live now so, yes — I was raised saying it aloud) can I get an “Amen!”

Here’s how cool — check out this excerpt from the FAQ, then visit and see for yourself:

I am new to the internet campus and I don’t really understand how it works.

First of all, welcome! We are glad you’re here. Worship on the Internet is a new way of doing church, so we’ll try and make it a great experience for you.

We currently have three worship experiences online; 9:30 am, 11:15 am and 2:00 pm EST each Sunday. Join the experience by going to the internet campus home page. When the service starts, it will automatically show on the page. Please note that the experience runs through Flash player. You can get the latest version here.

Additional features:
Live Chat: to fellowship with others before, after and during services, simply click the “Join Live Chat” button on the menu to the left of the video.
Message Notes: Follow along with the message notes below the video and fill in the blanks online. When finished, you can have them sent straight to your e-mail.
Connect Card: In order for us to get to know you better, fill out our online connect card, also located on the menu to the left of the video!

mp3 sermons

June 3, 2007

Here’s a great example of the type of thing I am hopeful this site will share. Lawrence Free Methodist Church not only makes weekly sermons available on its website by outline, but one can also download mp3 sermons. Yes, if you missed a service or if you would like to review a favorite message or pass it along, simply click to download the sermon in an mp3 file. Of course, then you can save it, burn it, convert it, load it onto a portable device, or email it.

This could certainly work by podcasting also. Does anyone have experience with this or are you currently podcasting sermons?