Cross Eyed Life

August 5, 2008

He writes stuff like this (excerpted from ‘Is this God’s Will or Indigestion’) —

… problem is that there really are no easy decisions, period. By the way, if you end a sentence with the word ‘period’ follow by the punctuation mark also named as such, is that officially redundant? OK, there may be a few easy decisions out there, but they are never about major things. Where are we going to eat tonight? Does this dress make me look fat? What’s on TV? These are all questions that we either already have the answers to, or really don’t need the answers to. But, the major decisions of life; the big ones that come along about jobs, love, life, kids, money and all that other high stress stuff, those decisions are never big fat slow softball pitches over the middle. Those decisions are always tough ones. Why couldn’t the choices be more like these: I could stay at this job that I hate, or move to my dream position for three times the cash and the beach house…hmmm I could stay single and searching, or I could marry this drop dead gorgeous supermodel with the morals of Mother Theresa who keeps throwing herself at me… hmmm I could continue to wander spiritually wondering what to do with my life, or I could open up this glowing letter with the return address marked Heaven that has been floating in my living room for the last month… hmmm

Still reading?  (What’s it take to get you to check it out?)

  • I notice he signs “Seeking more of Him and less of me,”
  • He pastors a church with a very cool additional site — Venue 302
  • And I’m not completely certain, but I think I remember him wearing a mullet in the 80’s.

We can find something in the constitution of another which helps us aspire… to take one better step in our walk with Christ, whether “another” be across the street, or right down the internet.  How often are you — am I — brave enough to earnestly pray, “Not my will, but Thine.”

Link:  AJ’s dot com.

Check out AJ’s blog.  The following small glimpse was enough to draw in this Christ-follower:

While learning about biblical Hebrew, systematic theology, and what the heck the Baptist General Convention is, God hijacked my dream to pastor a young, hip, collegiate church (it was the cool thing to dream that year) and replaced it with the puzzling, nagging desire to start a new church plant that would take the gospel into a part of Kansas City where people weren’t hearing it. I started considering the Bible pattern of putting God’s truth out there in culturally targeted ways that didn’t dull the gospel’s ability to make your jaw drop. I started thinking about what a new church could look like and started talking to people about starting one.

So I have to imagine how this may have happened:

God comes to AJ, “Son, I know you’ve always wanted to lead a college church, and I want you to be happy.  However, I would really like you to go to Kansas City for something more challenging.  Would you do that?  For Me?”

AJV:  “Lord (and AJ means it when he uses this name for the sovereign — the One who knew him in the womb), You got it.  I’m Your man.  We’ll go.”

That we should all be obedient.  Who’s dream are you living?

Creative Chaos: Buckhead

March 27, 2008

Carlos presents the above from Buckhead Church. A team of creatives put it together for presentation at their Good Friday service. Check out his Creative Chaos weekly. Create. Worship.


It’s Yahoo-powered Christian mobile-ready search. How brilliant is that? And for the encore? A Bible search and link on the same mobile page. Russ at Living Stones ministry is using his talents; help him multiply the effort … try the page and spread the word.

If you’re not sure the value of this tool, ask yourself a question: how many hours a day is my Bible within one foot of me? what about my mobile phone? Exactly.

I’ve been led back to two important lessons —

  • bloom where you’re planted (after all, you were planted by El Shaddai); and
  • sometimes a ministry opportunity (a blog, for instance) can be right there under your nose.

It’s Bloom Right Here, and in Vanessa’s own words, it’s “just a fun little spot to talk about thrifty finds, cardmaking, being a mom….Making the most of what you have and where you are….wherever that is!”

Tell your friends about Bloom Right Here (and check out the Tuesday Tip), because Vanessa’s investing her talents and because God may be intending this ministry for one of them!