Okay … confession time: I was inspired (to not be the digger servant) by a sermon today which revolved around guess-which-parable from the Gospel of Matthew (see About page), I had lunch, and started “Five Talents” without hesitation. As I get more laptop time tonight, I’m wondering, “has this been done already?”

Let me down easy, but let me know — am I blogging what’s already out there? (And if what Five Talents intends to cover is merely a category on a blog, so be it … we’ll go deeper.)


How does your ministry use the internet or other technology to efficiently reach a lot of people for Christ? Most folks (Christians included) use pc’s, laptops and cell phones. Are you leveraging technology, or is your ministry one that is not making full use of the internet and its advantages. Maybe you simulcast events, maybe you make sermons/music available online in a unique way, or perhaps a virtual visitor comes to your son/daughter’s Sunday school … whatever the tip — be it large or small, maybe you could share it. Let us know not only what you do, but write at least a synopsis of how you do so. Thanks!