Link:  Tweet the Gospel.  Brian Baute’s brainchild:  tweet the Gospel. That’s right, per the limitations of Twitter, how would you describe the gospel in exactly 140 characters?

Mark Mofield: Was happy with taking the bad with the good. Jesus showed me the good could be great and the bad could be gone forever.

Paul: Christianity is not about what you do, but what God has already done.

David Wilcox: God’s perfect. We’re not. God punished Jesus, the perfect Man, in our place, on the cross. Believe this, turn from sin, and live forever.

Scott Ammons: God made man. Man made mistakes. God still had a plan to fix us all, revealed over time. His son Jesus died for all, even you and me. Sweet.

David Rudd: Aligning with Jesus means giving up my life for his, and accepting his death for mine. God’s pleasure with Jesus is transferred to me.

Jeremy: Being saved is not about what happens when we die, but what begins when we realize God always loves us and wants us to transform the world.

Atom: Wages of sin, death. Gift of God, Jesus. Say Jesus I give you my life, Forgive Me! I’m Saved. I’m Going To Heaven I have Jesus in my heart.

Glory Beam: “Loving God, loving each other” because He first loved us, & gave His only Son to die for us. Go & walk like the child of God that you are!

Gus Kroustalis: Since we didn’t listen when God told us how to live, He sent His only Son to show us. Jesus lived for us to see, then died so we could live.

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Link: YouVersion

Read the Bible.  Choose a translation (even three choices in Spanish).  Comment.  Share.  Invite a friend.  Join a group.  Love this tool!

From YouVersion’s welcome:

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It’s Yahoo-powered Christian mobile-ready search. How brilliant is that? And for the encore? A Bible search and link on the same mobile page. Russ at Living Stones ministry is using his talents; help him multiply the effort … try the page and spread the word.

If you’re not sure the value of this tool, ask yourself a question: how many hours a day is my Bible within one foot of me? what about my mobile phone? Exactly.

Check into what Russ is doing at Living Stones. The “free software” is just that, and he has made available website user management software and Bible software. See how the Bible software works at Oak Hills and just imagine its reach.

Nice work, Russ, and more important — as his site says, “All Glory to God.”